The Laughing Dogs Way

What makes us better than the rest?

Did you know that there are no rules or regulations for dog daycares in Wisconsin?

Dog daycares are still considered a relatively new service in the pet care industry and because of that, there are no laws in place to protect you and your dog.

We are greatly troubled with the many dog daycares that only provide minimal supervision of dogs (only 1 staff to 25-40 dogs in a playgroup), leave dog playgroups unattended with no one watching the dogs at all, play space that is so overcrowded that dogs can’t possibly play without running into each, or provide no training to their staff on understanding dog behaviors and how to work with dogs individually or in playgroups.  And there is no law to prevent any of this from happening.  We believe dogs deserve better!!


Laughing Dogs is a place of excellence when it comes to providing dogs a safe and fun place to play, learn and socialize. Here are just some of the ways that we are better than the rest:

  • All staff are personally trained by the on-site professional dog trainer. Staff are required to learn the science behind dog behavior, and are properly trained in emergency procedures.
  • Additional staff training includes learning how to assess whether a dog is appropriate for daycare, and Pet CPR and First Aid.
  • Each staff supervises no more than 20 dogs at a time. Large or high energy dog playgroups have no more than 15 dogs in order to ensure the safety of all dogs.
  • The daycare owner is a professional dog trainer who belongs to a local and national association which provides ongoing resources and training.

  • Dogs are given breaks every morning and afternoon plus a nap at lunchtime. It is not healthy for dogs to play continuously throughout the day. Without ample rest time, dogs become stressed and that is when problems are more likely to happen. Because many dogs don’t give themselves a break, we make sure that they rest.

  • Playgroups are determined by size, age, and play style of the dogs. This allows for a safe and enjoyable day of play for every dog that comes to Laughing Dogs.
  • Staff work with all dogs on improving their basic manners and building new skills (not to be confused with professional training). We believe that this should be a place where dogs learn while they play, and we want dogs to use their brains as well as their bodies during the day. We are always looking for new ways to enrich the minds of our dogs throughout the day.

  • We provide ample space for dogs to play, both inside and outside.
  • Our space was designed with dogs in mind so you will find rubber floor (provides extra padding and prevents slipping during play) and artificial turf outside (better for paws than concrete and can be sanitized daily to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria).
  • The daycare facility is cleaned and sanitized every evening. This includes floors, walls, crates, toys, food and water dishes, outside play area, equipment, blankets and towels. We use a veterinarian approved spray sanitizer that was developed to kill viruses and bacteria that commonly affect dogs. We do this because we want healthy dogs.

So when you are looking for a daycare, whether it be Laughing Dogs or someplace else, ask lots of questions! Make sure it is a safe and healthy place with people who will provide the best care.

It is up to you to be a good advocate for your dog!

We hope to see you at Laughing Dogs!