** Prices are subject to change at any time. **

Daycare Base Pricing (prices include tax):

  • Full Day Daycare: $31.65
  • Half Day Daycare: $21.10
  • Full Day Daycare Assessment: $31.65
  • Half Day Daycare Assessment: $21.10
  • Dog Walk - 30 minutes (Lake Mills City Limits only): $17.94
  • Dog Ride to Daycare (Lake Mills City Limits only): $7.39
  • Dog Ride to Home (Lake Mills City Limits only): $7.39

Puppy Program/Individual Play/Special Small Group Pricing (prices include tax):

Puppies are typically in the puppy program until they are about 16-18 weeks. We will have a conversation with families as puppies grow and learn about whether or not full group play will be a good fit for each puppy. These programs cost a bit more because we do quite of bit of extra work with these dogs on an individual basis.

  • Full Day: $42.20
  • Full Day Assessment: $42.20
  • Half Day: $26.28
  • Half Day Assessment: $26.38

Overnight Dog Boarding (not including tax):

  • $52/Day for one dog
  • $45/Day/Dog for two or more dogs
  • $10 additional charge per day for puppies, individual play, and special small group play
  • Board and Train: $125/day/dog

Boarding Add-On (not including tax):

Dogs who are on individual or special small group play already get extra walks and long-leash walks. Long-leash walks are when the dog is on a 30-foot leash and is allowed space and time to sniff, run, explore, and get some additional mental stimulation.

  • Long-Leash Walk - 30 minutes: $30

Dog Grooming (not including tax):

  • Prices vary based on breed, size, coat type, behavior on the table, amount of time grooming takes, and what needs to be done. Please contact us to learn more about our grooming services.