Now Offering Low-Stress, Fear-Free Grooming Services!

Our grooming services are different than most, so please read through the information below and look at our pricing and appointment structure before calling to book an appointment.

What does our grooming service look like?

  • How your dog looks when they leave here is up to you! Our groomer will take time at the beginning of your appointment to go over what you're looking for in depth.
  • Your dog's grooming appointment will begin with our grooming taking a few minutes to settle your dog in and do an all-over massage. She will use this as an opportunity to help your dog to relax, to feel for lumps/bumps/scabs/abnormalities/ticks and to feel for mats in the fur or other potential concerns she may need to discuss with you. Please plan 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your appointment so she can be thorough in this part of the process.
  • Our groomer will then take your dog back to the grooming area and let them sniff around, do another brief massage and help them settle into that space.
  • Our grooming space will have calming music playing and essential oils will be diffused as an added effect to help encourage calming.
  • Once your dog is relaxed, our groomer will begin the grooming process. At every step, she will take the time to make sure your dog is comfortable before continuing. She will introduce each new piece of equipment, offer a treat or massage to your dog, and she will show them what she will be using before she begins. This of this as our way of explaining to your dog what we'll be doing before we do it, much like your doctor might explain a procedure to you before they do it.
  • Each part of your dog's body that needs to be handled or worked on will be introduced using gentle massage/petting first, before the equipment is introduced.
  • If at any point in the process, your dog gives stress signals, we will slow the process down and try to bring your dog back to comfort.
  • There may come a point at which your dog is indicating he or she is too stressed to continue the grooming process. We will offer a potty break, water, treats if your dog will take them, or a break. If, after these are provided, your dog remains too stressed to continue the groom, we will contact you and discuss the next steps to help this become less stressful for your dog.
  • At no point will we continue to push your dog through a groom if he or she is indicating unhealthy levels of stress. These signals may include: attempting to bite, screaming/yelping at inappropriate times, constant movement when touching paws or legs, growling, or any other signal that tells us he or she cannot continue safely.
  • If your dog has already had known issues with biting or being stressed at other facilities, we may suggest that you muzzle train your dog at home and bring them in a muzzle. We will not, however, muzzle dogs here for the first time as part of the grooming process if they are stressed enough to need one. This is not a low-stress thing to do for a dog that hasn't been muzzled before, and is not in line with our philosophies.

Our goal is to help your dog learn to cope with a stressful process in healthy ways, and to develop a respectful and trusting relationship with your dog. We earn trust and respect from your dog by showing them that we are willing to listen to them when they are communicating with us.

Scheduling: We schedule grooming appointments using times slots. We will schedule you for the time slot that makes the most sense for your dog, and gives us the time to take the above steps. Your dog may need to start out in a longer time slot because he or she is stressed by the grooming process, but our goal would be to help them feel comfortable enough to make the process easier for them and us. So, it's possible that your dog could eventually be moved into a shorter time slot, but that will happen on your dog's time, not ours or yours.

The entire process will depend on your dog and what they are telling us they need. We are using time slots to make scheduling easier and to ensure your dog isn't rushed through something they shouldn't be rushed through. Is also ensures your dog's appointment doesn't overlap with another dog's appointment, and they get 100% individual attention.

New client appointments: New client appointments will be scheduled for extra time, and may cost more than future appointments. We do this to ensure we have the appropriate amount of time to really get to know your dog and help them feel comfortable being here and participating in the grooming process.

Poodle mix dogs: New clients with poodle mix dogs of any variety (goldendoodle, aussiedoodle, bernerdoodle, labradoodle, etc.) will be required to have a 4-hour time slot for their first groom, especially if the dog is overdue for a groom. Poodle mixes are very frequently matted without the parent's knowledge, and it is often very difficult for the average parent to know if their dog's fur is matted. We also find that with every different breed mixed with a poodle, the coat is different. While this may not be noticeable to the average pet parent, to a groomer it can be incredibly difficult to predict what the coat will be like.

For some breeds, the time slot needed may change depending on the time of year and what needs to be done - i.e. if they need to be shaved, if they're blowing coat, etc.

New Puppies: We highly recommend that new puppies come in for their first groom during the critical socialization period (prior to 14 weeks of age). New puppies will always be scheduled for a 2-hour groom slot so we can introduce the grooming process as gently as possible and make it an entirely positive experience.

Grooming appointments are available Monday-Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm.

1-hour grooming slot $40
2-hour grooming slot $60
3-hour grooming slot $75
4-hour grooming slot $100

Baths: Self-Service or Basic Grooming

We offer two basic bathing services - these include only a bath and towel dry. You are welcome to use our dryer if you choose to give a bath yourself. We provide shampoo, brushes, and towels for your convenience, and we clean up afterwards. If you would like us to give your dog a bath, it will be done by one of our daycare staff, not by our groomer.

• Self-Serve Dog Bath: $10

• We bathe: $15


A La Carte Grooming Services

Nail Trim $10
Ear Cleaning $10
Anal Glands $10
Brush Varies