Our Facility

Laughing Dogs Play Spaces

Indoor Play Space:

  • 3000 square feet
  • Sound absorbing wall and ceiling covering – decreases echoing of barking and other noise to reduce stress
  • Rubber floor – prevents injury from slipping or sliding and joint fatigue
  • Moveable fences – allows reconfiguration of play group areas on a daily basis. Can be divided into a maximum of 3 groups or left as 1 large space
  • Video Cameras – allows you to watch your dog playing from our website
  • Sleep area – variety of crate sizes, each with a privacy cover and blanket. Music specifically proven to relax dogs is played during nap time.

Outdoor Play Space:

  • Outdoor play space – Play groups will each have ample time outside with our 2500 square feet of fenced area. Play space is paved, with areas of artificial turf which is sanitized regularly.
  • Toys and equipment – We are always adding to our array of dog toys, puzzles, and equipment to keep dogs challenged and enjoying their time here.
  • Watch for the addition of basic agility equipment, wading pools for summer fun and sandboxes for dogs who love to dig.


Community Room

  • Two dog bath stations - we provide shampoo, towels, blow dryers, brushes and nail trimmers.
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Free use of our laptop computer
  • TV and DVD player
  • Refrigerator and microwave